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Wastewater Recycling Systems

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Washer Washer HO Series
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Wastewater recycling systems are useful in a number of industrial and manufacturing applications, and Arbortech is prepared to supply you with the right one for you. Just a few of the industries that use wastewater recycling systems include refinery, municipal water, chemical, pharmaceutical, and power. Filtration is typically achieved through membranes that can separate contaminant molecules from water, and we also have oil and water separators available. Chemical filtration is available as well.

Wastewater recycling systems are helpful and often necessary in applications like rinse and wash down water runoff, processes which result in black or gray water, cooling towers, applications where dyes or pigments are mixed into water, and desalination applications. Our wastewater recycling systems are developed to include all steps of the process: reclamation/recovery, pretreatment, treatment/filtration, and recycling.

For full details and to begin selecting the right system for you, please contact Arbortech today.