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Wastewater System Savings Estimator

Please fill out information below and click "Submit"

Below is a questionnaire to determine Cost Justification.  In order for us to help you determine payback for any application we need the following info.  And once you forward the information below, we will send a copy of our estimator so you and/or your clients can play "What if?" with your/their evaluation team and alter whatever you/they think should be modified:

1. Usage of neat (undiluted) cleaning chemistry every time the -gallon washer tank is dumped and a new charge of solution is put into use
  1. Wash stage chemistry gallons added into gallons of water (please send cleaning chemistry MSDS for our review)
2. Chemistry cost
  1. $/gallon (or how much per tote and how many gallons in tote)
3. Washer tank dump/recharge frequency days
4. Water cost $/1000 gallons (Don't forget additional cost/gallon if ultrapure [RO or DI] water is used)
5. Energy cost $/KWH
6. Wastewater treatment/labor (Adjust upward if done on OT…) cost $/gallon and/or haul away cost for disposing spent solutions $/gallon (Don't forget transportation/hauler labor charges when hauled.)
7. Maintenance labor rate (including overhead) $/hour
  1. Total worker hours spent in dump/recharge prep/execution as done now plus any involvement in working with the hauler (if applicable) hours
8. Operating conditions in the washer tank
  1. Temperature
  2. pH
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