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Arbortech Corporation
3607 Chapel Hill Rd
Johnsburg, IL 60051
Phone: (815) 385-0001
Fax: (815) 385-0089
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Cost Benefits of Arbortech Products & Services

  • Extended cleaner life = less chemical usage: Chemical usage and costs can be reduced by as much as 50-80%. Less sludge too!
  • Remarkable temp & pH compatibility: Temperature to 200F; entire pH range @ 0-14.
  • Minimized waste / lower hauling charges: Haul away fewer gallons with less water content. Plus, removing water can lead to lower "per gallon" charges. Get waste minimization perks with reduced waste volumes to 90%+. What are you paying to throw away reclaimable cleaner & waste our ever-diminishing water supply?
  • Energy savings equal smaller utility bills: Crack up the heat if parts aren't clean, right? No; BTUs are expensive. And how much does it cost to heat every fresh charge? Big bucks!
  • Reduced labor costs: Recharge your washer on straight time? Thought not; few do. Why recharge at all when you can continuously renew your cleaning solutions?
  • Increased production: Is cleaning parts a production bottleneck? Keep your washers washing… not being maintained, dumped / recharged with a new chemistry & H2O.
  • Cleaner parts means fewer rejects: Continuous bath purification (removing oils and soils that interfere with cleaning) means that parts' cleanliness will be consistently high - just like with your brand-new bath! Make us prove it….
  • Improved painting, plating, powder-coating… all subsequent processes: Inadequate cleaning usually results in poor coatings' adhesion and can make plating nearly impossible. Why not keep your wash solutions clean all the time and avoid this costly problem?
  • Higher quality rinsing: Avoid poor rinsing caused by oils/soils carried over from the wash stage. If your wash stays clean, then the rinse does too. Rinse water overflow can be minimized - a great way to slow down the usage meter and conserve water!
  • Pollution Prevention: According to USEPA, in-process "closed loop" recycling is considered source reduction, qualifying as Pollution Prevention (P2)
  • Bottom Line: Recycling SAVES MONEY! Super fast payback!

Cost Savings On Recycling Products

Are you wondering if Arbortech products will save you money?

Actual Result

Since the implementation of the two Washer Washers from Arbortech, a large Midwest engine manufacturer has been able to move the cleaner tank dump and recharges from a two-week frequency to an average of 5.5 weeks over the course of the first year of operation. This frequency decrease has provided the manufacturer with cost savings on cleaners as well as on their waste treatment costs, not to mention water conservation and less labor hours.

Cost / Benefit
Washer Washer, model WW1MO $19,756 each $39,512
Stands for Units $1,040 each $2,080
Miscellaneous (Fittings, labor) $4,000

Total $45,592
Benefits (Actual)
Cleaner Cost Savings $37,901
Waste Treatment Costs Savings $ 7,108

Total $45,009
Payback = Costs of Implementation/Benefits
Payback = 45,592/45,010.66
Payback = 1.01 years

The overall cost savings through the course of the first year were $45,009, not including reject reduction savings resulting from the improved cleanliness of parts coming out of the wash operation and the beneficial downstream effects (like less rinse water overflow and longer salt sprays from better paint adhesion to consistently cleaner parts), which are more difficult to quantify. With implementation costs of $45,592, the Return On Investment for this project was one year.

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