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Arbortech Corporation
3607 Chapel Hill Rd
Johnsburg, IL 60051
Phone: (815) 385-0001
Fax: (815) 385-0089
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Case Studies

AMCO Engineering - Recycling of low pH Cleaners.
American Lock Company - Treating Oily Waste to Sewer
Aurora Pump, division Pentair - Coolants, etc. Treated for Discharg
Eagle Wings industries, Inc. - Alkaline Washer Water Recycled
McCook Metals L.L.C. - Rolling Aluminum Oils Processed from Remote Location
Midwest Ladder Manufacturer - Vibratory and Deburring
Morton Metalcraft Co.  - Coolant Parts Washer
OMC Waukegan - Die Wash Down Reclamation and Reuse of Water
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation - Blowdown/Condensate from Air Compressor
Sta-Rite Industries Inc. - Phos/Degreaser
Warner Electric - Phos/Degreaser Recovery 2 Units
Chicagoland Area Screw Machine Shop - Floor Wash Recyclin
Midwest Engine Manufacturer - E-Coat Paint Line Wash Water Recycling